How to VOTE “NO” on pending Sewer/Water rate increases!

For over a year, CAL has been following the City’s guidelines on how-to-vote-no on Prop 218.  However, CC Special Meeting of June 13, 2018, MB City implemented a changed process for protesting proposed water/sewer rate increases, and will be mailing out their specific ballot to property owners and ratepayers.
We are asking you to vote no again when the City issues their ballot.  You should have received the Public Hearing Notice in the mail by now.  So, please watch your mail very closely.  Refer to City_BALLOT.   If you haven’t receive these ballots, call MB City Clerk @ 805-772-6205 or CAL @ 805-464-1221

Cómo VOTAR “NO” en la tarifa de alcantarillado / agua pendiente!
Le pedimos que vote no cuando la Ciudad emita su boleta. Ya debería haber recibido el Aviso de audiencia pública por correo. Si necesita una boleta de protesta, consulte SPANISH_City_BALLOT.    Preguntas y ayuda, llame a MB City Clerk @ 805-772-6205 o CAL @ 805-464-1221

You can review information discussed at our March 11th Community Informational Workshop.
CAL thanks ALL OF YOU for submitting CALs ballot, completely acceptable under the California State law (Prop 218).  Whereby every Morro Bay every parcel owner AND/OR city water/sewer customer (renters — commercial, business and home) can submit a written protest in opposition to the rate increases.  If a person owns more than one parcel, a separate written protest needs to be submitted for EACH PARCEL OWNED.
The City’s protest ballot will not be counted unless YOU:
  • CLEARLY PRINT your property’s street address, parcel # (APN) or water/sewer customer service number.  Search your APN;
  • CHECK BOTH BOXES to oppose water and sewer rate increases;
  • SIGN YOUR NAME and DATE where indicated;
  • Contact MB City Clerk @ 805-772-6205 or Utility Division @ 805-772-6222 to ask any questions about completing the protest ballot.
  • TO ENSURE YOUR PROTEST BALLOT IS COUNTED, mail a copy to CAL @ P.O. 1822 Morro Bay CA 93442 .
REMINDER — you MUST SUBMIT SEPARATE PROTEST VOTES for each parcel you own, or each water/sewer bill you pay.
Contact CAL @ 805-464-1221 (Voice Message) with your questions.