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Jeff Heller is sharing what he has learned as a freshman council member, and discussing how residents can/should get involved with local government. Jeff will address one important City Council item.

  • SLO LAFCO ‘Study Session’ — Thursday, SEPTEMBER 19, 2019 @ 9:00 a.m. @ Board of Supervisors Chambers County Government Center @ 1055 Monterey Street, SLO

Get informed! Public attendance welcome! Come listen to *IMPORTANT* LAFCO Commission Discussion — WATER RECLAMATION FACILITY SPHERE OF INFLUENCE AMENDMENT AND ANNEXATION FOR THE CITY OF MORRO BAY (Informational Matters – C4)  Refer to:…

MISSION STATEMENT – The Local Agency Formation Commission is committed to serving the residents of San Luis Obispo County and the State of California by discouraging urban sprawl and encouraging the orderly formation and development of local agencies based on local conditions and circumstances.

  • MORRO BAY COMMUNITY INFORMATIONAL DISCUSSION — SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2019 @ Inn at Morro Bay @ 60 State Park Road, Morro Bay

Informational Presentation available for your use! — Refer to: 9_15_2019_Presentation

Wondering WHY your WATER/SEWER BILL is so HIGH?  Wondering WHAT to do about it?  Join Citizens for Affordable Living and find out!

  • SLO County CCC Public Hearing THURSDAY, JULY 11, 2019 @ Embassy Suites Hotel @ 333 Madonna Road, SLO.

VERY IMPORTANT MEETING | CCC Public Hearing resulted with all twelve (12) CCC voting members upholding the STAFF REPORT for Item 13a. Refer to following links and instructions.

Review AGENDA and STAFF REPORT (online) — Refer to:

1. Click on tab THURSDAY;
2. Scroll down to heading CENTRAL COAST DISTRICT;

For information about CCC Public Notice — Refer to:         Public_Notice_Newspaper  — Public_Notice_Mailer

  • SLO County Board of Supervisors Meeting – April 23, 2019

Documentation of Consent Agenda Item 16 – Morro Bay Water Reclamation Facility Submittal of resolutions:

SLO County Board of Supervisors Meeting – April 23, 2019

Documentation of Consent Agenda Item 16 – Morro Bay Water Reclamation Facility Submittal of resolutions:

1) authorizing the California Coastal Commission to process a consolidated Coastal Development Permit for the City of Morro Bay’s proposed water reclamation facility;

2) delegating authority to the Director of the Planning & Building Department to approve or deny future Coastal Development Permit consolidation requests; exempt from CEQA. Districts 2, 3 and 4.

Documentation of Consent Agenda Item 16 Details

SLO County Board discussion of Consent Item 16 follows Public Comment on Consent Items related to Agenda Item 16 (Consolidated Coastal Development Permit for proposed Water Reclamation Facility (WRF).  (Time marker 1:35 through 1:30:38)

SLO County BoS Video

  • MBCC Regular Meeting – Tuesday, January 22, 2019 | Determination to Consolidate Coastal Development Permit for WRF – BUSINESS ITEM C-1

MBCC Meeting Minutes

MBCC Meeting Video

  • MBCC Regular Meeting – Tuesday, March 26, 2019 @ Veterans Memorial Hall @ 5:30 P.M.

This is an IMPORTANT MEETING regarding WRF Coastal Development Permit!

MB City is hosting a public input opportunity for the Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) California Coastal Development Permit (CDP) at the March 26, 2019 Regular CC Meeting. The CDP (if approved by Coastal Commission) would cover ALL aspects of the WRF project, including the treatment facility, pipeline, injection well system and decommissioning of the existing waste water plant. A CDP must be obtained by the City prior to proceeding with project construction (among other requirements).
Public input is an important opportunity for the Morro Bay community to share their thoughts and concerns about the WRF project. This community input will be given to Coastal Commission staff as they prepare their report for the Coastal Commission. Anticipated WRF CDP will go before the Coastal Commission in April/May (TBD).  Refer to Business Item C-1 and provide your input of the Coastal Development Permit for the WRF. NOTE related City Staff Report on Page 19 of the agenda:

  • MBCC Regular Meeting – WEDNESDAY, February 13, 2019 @ Veterans Memorial Hall @ 6:00 P.M. (NOT Tuesday!)
BUSINESS ITEM C-1: Public Works recommends that CC approve the new WRF conveyance pipeline alignment and pump station without the necessary WRFCAC review nor any citizen/public input. BRING your concerns to Wednesday’s CC Public Comment about Item C-1.


READ about and VIEW diagrams from the most recent WRF Staff Report and Engineering Presentation concerning the proposed WRF pipelines and lift stations — to be presented and approved by MB City Council in January 2019.

December 17, 2018 — (WRFCAC) Special Meeting STAFF REPORT (PUBLIC WORKS) (pages 2-9); with the related PRESENTATION from WaterWorks Engineers (WWE).

  • QUESTIONS and ANSWERS with City Council Candidates

  • WATCH the September 25, 2018 Morro Bay City Council Candidates Forum

  • Tuesday, September 25, 2018 – MB City Council Meeting Agenda Items C-3 and C-4 — Agenda Correspondence from Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association:

  • Tuesday, September 11, 2018 – MB City Council Meeting for Public Hearing Propostion 218 RESULTED in 2,158 written protest ballots from MB citizens (including five withdrawals). There were an additional 1,000 written protests submitted at the Public Hearing which were not accepted by City Council. NONE of the protest ballots were validated.

City of Morro Bay CC AGENDA – September 11, 2018


(READ Related Staff Report – Page 127 and Resolution 71-18 – Page 131)

  • CAL Community Workshop II — PLAN B – Citizens Sewer Solution – July 15, 2018

KSBY | Local News Coverage | July 15, 2018


1 thought on “IMPORTANT EVENTS!”

  1. Comments to the Board of Supervisors Tuesday, April 23, 2019
    Good Morning Board of Supervisors and Staff of San Luis Obispo County. I am Carole Truesdale a resident of Morro Bay since 1995 and homeowner.
    I had the opportunity to experience whale watching off our coast of Morro Bay this weekend and it was amazing, and I encourage you all to take that journey. Not only to witness first-hand the ocean’s powerful emotions, but also as you come back into the harbor you see a sign welcoming you to Morro Bay, The Largest Natural Estuary on the West Coast, please protect this beautiful natural habitat.
    Each relationship with their environment is their own journey and since I am an active environmentalist, I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of our coastline, how important it is to preserve this area for generations. We do not own anything in this lifetime except our integrity, actions that cause harm/hurtful outcomes and we have a huge responsibility to be better stewards of this precious land we call home.
    The South Bay Boulevard placement of the Morro Bay WRF project is grave concern to me as its location is too close to the natural estuary that we work so hard to so protect. If there is a spill from this plant, the effects will take years to clean up afterwards including impacting Los Osos.
    Please consider your comments and actions as it pertains to the Consolidated Permit Action on your Agenda that is before you this day and do not squelch the voices through-out the County of those that you represent.
    Pull the item from consent, retain Board authority and jurisdiction over local issues by voting “No” on both resolutions.
    Thank you for your time.
    Carole A. Truesdale Morro Bay, CA


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